Sunday, January 10, 2010

AMBIEN CR (Sleep Aid) - Free and Co-Pay Assistance

Yes Ambien CR, we all know it works great but it is expensive. The Patent hasnt run out therefor we are being charged out the Wazoo for this medication. Below are link that will allow you to get Ambien for FREE or a percentage off of your co-pay:

FREE AMBIEN: The following link will allow you to get 4 free nights of Ambien FREE. No Obligations. Just print out the coupon and give it to your pharmacist.

AMBIEN CO-PAY ASSISTANCE: As you know since Ambien CR hasn't come off the patent yet the Co-Pay's are high at least for me they are I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and they charge me the MAX co-pay and only cover 20 of my 30 tablets. The following link will take 20 dollars off (thats write 20 bucks) off your next five prescriptions. Again just print it out and hand it to your pharmacist with your new prescription.

Report Non Working Assistance Program

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