Sunday, January 10, 2010

ATRIPLA - HIV MED Cost help & FREE Programs

ATRIPLA: Yes another expensive HIV and the most popular being Atripla since its only a once a day regiman. Hence it's expensive.
Clicking below will allow you to understand your option for assistance programs as there are MANY out there for this particular drug.

TRUVADA - HIV Medication Assistance Program

TRUVADA: HIV Meds are expensive If you have insurance your lucky. Gilead offers assistance with co-pays by using a Suppliment card it is free and really does help. Truvada and Isentress will soon be main line for HIV Therapy so be ready for it just visit the link below and it will tell you how to obtain your card:

Pristiq - Anitdepressant 50% Off Entire Prescription Forever

Yes its a new Antidepressant and one that worked for me, of course, its expensive because its new. The link below will allow you to save 50% off your entire treatment of Pristiq.

AVODART - 30 Days Free (Hair Loss)

AVODART - We all know Propecia helps with hair loss, but ask your doc abotu Avodart, hair loss is an off label use and it has been clinically proven to work better than propecia BEST OF ALL its covered under insurance because It's not technically a hair loss medication! I think I pay the lowest co-pay on my BCBS plan for this. Now for the fun part. For a FREE 30 Day supply just click the link below print the coupon and give it to the pharmacist and you will have that wonderful bills of $0.00.

Click the link below to get your 30 Day supply FREE coupon :)

Report Non working savings program

AMBIEN CR (Sleep Aid) - Free and Co-Pay Assistance

Yes Ambien CR, we all know it works great but it is expensive. The Patent hasnt run out therefor we are being charged out the Wazoo for this medication. Below are link that will allow you to get Ambien for FREE or a percentage off of your co-pay:

FREE AMBIEN: The following link will allow you to get 4 free nights of Ambien FREE. No Obligations. Just print out the coupon and give it to your pharmacist.

AMBIEN CO-PAY ASSISTANCE: As you know since Ambien CR hasn't come off the patent yet the Co-Pay's are high at least for me they are I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and they charge me the MAX co-pay and only cover 20 of my 30 tablets. The following link will take 20 dollars off (thats write 20 bucks) off your next five prescriptions. Again just print it out and hand it to your pharmacist with your new prescription.

Report Non Working Assistance Program

Why I am Writing this Blog

I have several health issued and even though I have health insurance, I find it hard to meet co-pays, and for those without health insurance I want to help them just as much. Many programs I have found on my journey completely take care of copays, help pay for them, or give them to you for free! I am not writing this blog for profit rather to help others financially with their prescriptions I wish I could have found something like this myself.

None of my information should be taken as your doctors information, and please PLEASE refer to the sights as to the safety and use of this medication, I am not a doctor, the only type of doctor I am is the one that helps you save money.

Thank you, if you would like to see a particular prescription discount email me and I will post it shortly Thanks!